Update 12/06

The finale is here!

Android version is here!

A HUGE update for you Shiba fans and the last addition to the storyline. We left you with a bit of a cliffhanger in the previous game, now the story unfolds…


– 3 New Levels

– New Robots

– New Weapons

– Storyline Updated

– Previous Levels Updated & Improved

– Increased Difficulty in Earlier Levels

– Improved Camera for Forward Player Movement


With all of these HUGE updates we are going to have to ask you to delete and re-install the app for it to work properly. We are sorry that you might lose your saved progress, but the whole game has had a revamp and the progress manager has been re-written and won’t work properly if you don’t delete and re-install. New downloads and new installs are unaffected.

We hope that you enjoy this massive game update, for existing players it will be like playing a brand new game! There are new challenges now on every level!


We will continue to work on any fixes required to improve gameplay and expand existing levels. Please let us know your feedback and what you would like to see here:

We have actually released updates based on your feedback!

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