Update 30/05

Hey everyone! We are excited to say that we made the Top 30 in the App Store charts for paid adventure games! We peaked at number 14 today and we are absolutely delighted you are loving the game.

Some great new updates have landed, quite a few this week as we look to squash bugs and improve gameplay. This week we added a pause menu to the game. Simply tap on the head of Shiba in the game level and this will bring up the pause menu.

Also today, we dropped an update to significantly reduce the file size of the app, saving you loads of space on your device. Huge amounts of space saving. Make sure you download this update for all the latest improvements as well.

We’re still on target for the remaining three levels to be released in June. We should also be releasing an Android version in June as well. There are delays with Android apps being approved at the moment.

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