JetPack Shiba Game

For iPhone / iPad (iOS) & Android.

Shiba Inu needs your help to navigate this strange world!

You’ll need to double jump, triple jump, jetpack and swim your way around these strange worlds to reach the level bosses.

JetPack Shiba brings back the classic 2D gameplay with a 2.5D twist! High Definition 2D graphics and special effects make JetPack Shiba a modern and immersive gameplay experience. 

Mist and Lava graphics showcase just some of the advanced HD 2D gameplay.
Abseil and bounce between walls, up and down.

Shiba has been trained well!

You can wall climb and descend on walls using your control pad and jumping skills! Cushion your descent from the sky with short and sharp blasts of your jetpack, or simply take off and explore. 

Remember to keep an eye on your jetpack charge though, or you might find yourself dropping fast from the sky!

Master every level

Collect all three stars to master each level. To win them, you’ll have to perfect the controls and defeat the tough level bosses.

Levels are challenging with great skill and timing required.
Use your Jetpack to ascend and help control falls from platforms.
iPad Version
iPad version

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